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Boost your revenue with engaging social games

Tubduk is a platform that drives engagement, retention, promotion, and data-driven decisions for cafe and pub owners through fun and interactive digital games. This isn’t just about gaming — we’re about driving revenue!

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Tubduk elevates venue atmospheres by offering a unique and interactive gaming experience at every table. It’s a blend of fun, engagement, and exclusivity, designed to enrich the patron experience and offer promotional opportunities for venue owners.

  • Diverse Game Collection
  • Multiplayer Interaction
  • Geofenced Gaming
  • Content Promotion
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Enhanced User Engagement

How it works

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Set Up with Ease

Venue owners simply place the Tubduk QR codes on the tables, opening a world of interactive gaming to their patrons. No lengthy installations, no hassle!

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Scan, Choose & Play

Patrons scan the QR code on their table to discover a variety of exciting games. With just a tap, they can choose their favorite one and start playing immediately!

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Invite & Share the Fun

The joy of gaming is shared! Everyone at the table can join the game using the same QR code, turning every table into a lively gaming arena.

Place Icon

Exclusive & Secure Gaming

Games are geofenced to the venue, ensuring an exclusive and secure gaming experience. Only patrons within the venue can join in the fun!

Promote Icon

Promote & Grow

Venue owners can utilize Tubduk to promote their events and specials directly to the patrons, enhancing the venue’s atmosphere and indirectly driving revenue growth

Benefits to Venue Owners

With Tubduk, transform your venue into a lively and engaging environment, creating memorable experiences for patrons while unlocking new promotional avenues:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Indirect Revenue Growth
  • Venue Promotion
  • Secure & private gaming environment
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Boosted Brand Visibility

These benefits work collectively to elevate the overall atmosphere of your venue, ensuring patrons are entertained, engaged, and more likely to return.

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